Monday, February 15, 2010

Iran at a Crossroads

February 8, 2010
By Ahmad Aleagha
In the current era, the political and economic systems of all countries around the globe, maybe more so of Iran, are in the buffer zones. These transitions in and out of different political and economic systems are happening faster now than ever in human history. This is due to availability of information, and the speed of its transmission to every country in the world. Also, more importantly, there are precedents of different political and economic systems which have been experienced somewhere in the world, i.e. dictatorship or democracy, capitalism or socialism, parliamentary or kingdomship, communism or oligarchy, etc.
Similar to democracy, advancement in political and economic systems is a process within a country. Unfortunately, these advancements can be reversed, opposite to the classical education, as an example.  Russia circumvented this process, jumping up three steps, going from feudalism or tsarist autocracy to communism. Russia is now back, going through capitalism and democracy. China has mixed capitalism, democracy, and communism. The Scandinavian countries are going through this process better than most other countries (social democratic systems).
From the early 1900's, while the rest of the world was trying different systems by hitting each other on the head (World War I and World War II), and hitting the heads of their own people (revolutions), the United States progressed. The United States experienced democracy, industrialism, capitalism, and even socialism. Now, it is back to an oligarchy, way back to the Pharaoh-type oligarchy. The U.S. was the best candidate for socialism, starting in the early 1900’s, and probably would have been ready to advance to communism by now.
There are many socialistic-type programs in the United States’ social texture: social security, unemployment benefits, unionized workers, food stamps, welfare, Medicare, etc.  . These advancements were easy and fast, especially after World War II. This caused Americans not to progress politically, similar to their ancestors in Europe. These na├»ve, innocent people were taken for a ride by a few people for their own benefits. The oligarchs were in the Democratic party up until the Reagan era, and since then, has been taken advantage of the Republican party.
The U.S. oligarchy has been responsible for the destruction of humanity in the past 60-70 years. They have participated in over 150 wars, directly or indirectly, killing millions, according to one of my intellectual friends, Ardeshir Ommani.   
Members of the U.S. oligarchy call themselves neo-conservatives, or “neo-cons” nowadays. A “neo-con” is defined as a person who is super-rich, with an ego as big as the world, and mostly (but not all) Jewish. Zionism is one of their tools. Joe Biden, a non-Jew vice-president, said, “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”. This oligarchy phenomenon goes back to the Pharaoh’s time. The Pharaoh’s oligarchy built those gigantic pyramids for their minute (by comparison) coffins.   Moses freed those oppressed in Pharaoh’s time, similar to Jesus freeing people from the Roman Empire.
Iran, being an ancient civilization, has seen it all.  If it was not due to the powerful British Empire and the U.S. oligarchy, Iran would have had an advanced social and democratic system. This is probably true with most countries in the world, as we see how these evil forces control the world, including the Americans themselves, for the worse. Right now, Iran is a melting pot of all the possible economic and political systems. Religion in an adhesive force to keep Iranians united against the U.S. oligarch, similar to other countries in the Middle East. Is it a coincidence that the U.S. oligarchy is misusing 80 million evangelists as a driving force?
Iranians need to stay united against the dark force, and be patient in going through the economic and political process step by step.

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