Sunday, April 18, 2010


In response to American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC) sending out a link to our website:, and inviting comments about AIFC's news and views, we received the following honest assessment from an American friend in the U.S. peace movement: "Not being a political analyst, I don't think I have anything to say that might enlighten anyone or change their position on any point. However, on the question of "nukes" I don't understand the reasoning that some can have and others not. This doesn't make sense to me. However, as I've said before I'm opposed to nuclear power as well as nuclear weapons worldwide. We're going to leave future generations stockpiles of nuclear waste. For forty years these stockpiles continue to grow around the world, and no one has a clue what to do with them.

Furthermore, in spite of claims to the contrary, the closer one lives to a nuclear power plant, the greater their risk for cancer. Indian Point [nuclear power plant in Westchester, New York State] is polluting the land and the water, kills millions of fish every year and poses a threat to the people of our own region. Because of the nuclear waste, it will remain a danger even if we're finally able to get it closed down. So, while I think Iran has as much right to place a horrible facility in their country as anyone else, I think it's a terrible idea and don't support it for the reason mentioned above.

The war in Afghanistan is a nightmare. I doubt that it will ever come to an end unless the citizens of the U.S. come out in the millions and demand that it be stopped. As a group, our spirits are broken and minds too distracted by debt, loss of employment, homes and invested savings, for the peace movement to regain the necessary momentum. Meanwhile, our young people, our money and our reputation goes down the drain and our enemies grow along with loss of life and the national debt. I think it's an immoral war that cannot be won, and I don't need any particular website to influence that feeling.

While I certainly don't demonize Ahmadinejad, I don't applaud him either. It seems as though he makes statements that diminish his credibility and don't help dispel the falsehoods that are bandied about in the media. While I question the right of our government to arrest and incarcerate certain individuals, I also question the right of Iran to arrest and incarcerate certain individuals.

You may call me a cynic or a fool [or both], but I can't think of any current world leader that I believe to be above reproach or that I fullt trust at the present time. Worse yet, I don't think that there is any reporting which is straighforward; it all seems to be slanted one way or another. It's disheartening as well as confusing. "

Ms. C.A. in New York

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