Sunday, February 7, 2010

"I am a strong proponent of law, order and justice."

The link below was sent to me by a friend and an active member of the Green Movement. I had written:  "What attracted my attention was the threat made by Dr. Habibollah Payman, if their offer with regards to prisoners is not accepted. My point is how can any authority decide to release prisoners if they have violated the laws of the land, burning the public and private properties, and causing the deaths of other human beings? Eradatmand, Ardeshir Ommani 

The following posting by a member of the AIFC is a response to the above email and statement with regard to release of "political" prisoners in Iran, per this link:
Dr. Habibollah Payman: Iran's Political Structure

"Dear Ardeshir Ommani,         February 07, 2010

Thank you so much for your email regarding the Dr. Payman’s interview.

Per this interview, and my previous understandings, the Green Party’s main issue is free election within the Islamic Republic constitution, which, “has not been implemented”. Dr. Payman’s point in this matter refers to, not only in the last election, but in any other previous elections.

We need to remember that Dr. Payman is NOT a member of the Green Party. He is a political activist from the “Muslim Movement Activist”.  He calls for peaceful demonstrations by the Green Party during the 22nd of Bahman ceremony. I, from the AIFC, push further than what he suggests; I think there should be no demonstrations by the Green Party at all in that day. One never can anticipate what kind of mess mobs can create among the masses of people.

With regard to the political prisoners in Iran, there has to be innocent, non-rioters, and also extremists (who strongly believe in their cause, like a lot of people, especially youngsters), among those prisoners.  I am a strong proponent of law, order, and justice. I also am a believer in that saying, “It’s better to let a thousand guilty men go free than to convict one innocent person”.

There is something called justice, but also there is something called diplomacy, thoughtfulness, and /or politics, that need to be considered in this situation. With all that said, I think it is a good politics that the government of Iran politicized two or three extreme riot cases. Bring about strong evidence against them and charge them with the destruction of properties. Having political prisoners in general, especially in today’s Iranian political atmosphere, is the least desirable policy.

No opposing political party is responsible for rioters. I am sure they were delighted of the demonstrations. We need to remember that the people of Iran had been quiet for at least 8 eight years.

At the end, I think or at least I hope that almost all the eleven million voters, Green or otherwise, are not as much against Ahmadinijad, if any, as they are for more freedom in Iran. The timing of those demands is my question. On that, I trust the wisdom of those eleven million voters, like Dr. Habibollah Payman, in this matter. "

Submitted by: Ahmad Aleagha

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